30 OFFENSIVE JOKES in Under 4 Minutes

Going back to my roots with this one and attempting to offend as many people as I can!

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50+ Most Funny White Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

50 of the most offensive jokes from funny

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29 thoughts on “30 OFFENSIVE JOKES in Under 4 Minutes”

  1. here's a joke:
    i ran into hitler the other day and asked him what he was up to he said 'this time I'm going to kill 6 million Jews and two clowns', two clowns? I asked. why are you going to kill two clowns?… see nobody cares about zee Jews!

  2. what's the difference between a Jew and a pizza?

    the pizza doesn't scream when it gets put in the oven.
    (it's a joke don't get your dick in a knot)

  3. How many feminists does it take to change a light bulbone they hear up place it and wait for the world to revolve around them

  4. What do you call one black man in the ocean?


    What do you call a million black men in the ocean?

    A good start

  5. The "how to tell if your wife is dead, the sex is the same but the dishes pile up" doesn't make sense, if you make you wife do the dishes the chances of you actually doing ANYTHING in sex is very slim, so you'd be sitting there telling her to go up and down, but she cant she is dead, G'day

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